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April 14 2015


Shopping Around For the Best Electricity Rates

Electricity Supplier in MA is an Electricity Supplier in CT that offers competitive rates for electricity. Since deregulation has created an open market for electricity, you can choose your supplier and lower your electricity bills each month. Residential and commercial customers can switch electricity supplier with no disruption in service and no changes in the monthly billing. The only change you will notice each month is lower rates. Large businesses can call for a custom quote on rates if you use greater than 20,000 kilowatts of electricity every month.

Any given CT Electricity Supplier offers two basic rate plans, which include variable rates and fixed rates. The fixed rate plan is perfect for those on a tight budget, or a fixed income. The rate does not change for the length of the contract, which is typically one year in duration. Your rate is constant and easier to budget. You will not see the benefits when the rate lowers, but you will also not have to pay any higher rate either. Throughout the year, rates can fluctuate depending on the condition of the market.

MA Electricity Supplier

A variable rate gives the customer a bit more freedom to take advantage of lower rates, but is also subject to the higher rates when it fluctuates. You may pay one rate one month, and another rate the very next month. The draw back with this plan is that it is more difficult to budget your electrical expenses, due to the changing rate. If you find yourself in a position where budgeting is not a major issue, this plan could lower your costs overall, if the rate stays low for several months at a time.

This Electricity Supplier in CT also provides electricity to customers in Massachusetts and New York States. There are plans to provide service to New Jersey, but that is still in the works. Check back with them to see when that is up and running. You can compare rates there and enjoy savings as well. Renewable and green energy options are also available to all customers. An Affiliate Program is also available. You can earn money by referring friends, neighbors, and co-workers to this company. If you are happy with your rates and service, it makes sense to tell others about your savings. You can be rewarded for doing just that. The website has all the details you need about the program and how to get yourself involved. 

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